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Home Health Care

LifePlans' Provider Pathway staff is available to assist the chronically ill and their family members to navigate their way to appropriate home health care services at significantly reduced rates.

Home Health Care Services
A wide variety of long-term care services is currently available in the home. Whether the need is for:
  • the skilled services of a registered nurse to monitor and dispense medications or help care for a wound
  • a home health aide or certified nurse assistant to help with the routine activities of daily living such as bathing and dressing
  • a companion or a homemaker to help with shopping, house cleaning, laundry, transportation or meal preparation
  • a personal emergency response system
LifePlans' Provider Pathway is able to find the appropriate service provider - allowing you or your elderly family member or friend to remain at home in familiar surroundings - safe and comfortable.

At LifePlans' Provider Pathway, we know how confusing it can be to choose the appropriate home health care provider from the range of available home health providers. Our call center's Service Representatives are skilled and experienced at answering your home health care questions:
  • What is the difference between a "home health aide" and a "homemaker"?
  • What will Medicare pay for?
  • How many hours a day is the service needed? How many days a week is the service needed?
When an older person lives in one part of the country and the family members live hundreds of miles away, what can you do? How can you help? LifePlans' Provider Pathway staff members will guide you every step along the path to more affordable home health care. Our discounted rates for home health services save you money whether you are paying out of your own funds or using long-term care insurance benefits to cover the costs of home care. Our network of providers offering a discount will help your monies last longer and go further.
Case Example
Ellen, a distraught daughter, contacted LifePlans' Provider Pathway at the suggestion of her mother's long-term care insurance company. Ellen's mother, a non-English speaking immigrant to the United States, is wheelchair bound, not bathing, complaining of pain and refusing to remain alone in her home. Ellen's father was unable to continue to care for her mother without additional support. Ellen lived hundreds of miles away from her parents and did not know where to begin. Ellen called the Provider Pathway. Our Service Representative immediately contacted a local agency near her parents' home that employed caregivers who spoke the elderly couple's native language and understood their religious and cultural issues. The Provider Pathway coordinated efforts with Ellen, the insurance company and the elderly couple. The agency and its services were in place in the home within 48 hours. The Pathway accessed the agency's services through a contractual discount that saved the couple 10% off the costs of the services. With the support of the Pathway and the negotiated discount, the couple was able to extend the benefits of their long-term care insurance policy and purchase additional hours of care with their limited funds. Just as importantly, Ellen, the working mother of two was able to make one call to arrange it all. She was relieved and her mother with her limited English was able to receive care from a provider that was aware of and sensitive to her cultural needs.
If you or someone you care about needs home health services and you are paying privately or using long term care insurance CONTACT US on the web or call 800 886 7404.

Visit to view the comparative reports of quality reviews of Medicare certified home health providers.

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